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Aarhus, Denmark - 30. Juli 2019 - Chop Chop Games confirm the release of MineRalph on the 5th of August and announce a 1000$ speedrunning competition to kick things off.

MineRalph is a tough, retro, 2D Physics-Platformer made with speedrunning in mind, where momentum is the difference between making a jump or falling to your inevitable death. In essence, MineRalph is a combination of Sonic the Hedgehog & Super Meat Boy - with level design reminiscent of the old Mario Bros. games and the control scheme of Angry Birds... Confused? Try the demo for free.

The premise is simple, push a ball around. However, with 360 degrees of options, varying speeds, and moving terrain, the movement itself becomes a puzzle. Even the smallest challenge becomes difficult when you can't seem to stand still!

Key Features:

"At the core of MineRalph, is a desire for creative solutions, skill-based progression, and speedrunning." Said Dario Rahimic, Game Designer on MineRalph. "Having followed the speedrunning scene closely for a few games, and loving to see the dedication and passion that some runners bring to titles like Yoshi's Island, we wanted to create a game which truly supports competition and mechanical discovery."

When prompted about what sets MineRalph apart from other platformers, Dario said: "The controls and the approach. Momentum based movement means that the solution for every obstacle completely changes with your speed." - "We are shaking things up. On the surface, the controls are super simple, there is only two buttons. But the deeper you dive in, the more tricks and edges you can discover."

1000$ speedrunning competition:
This release of MineRalph features a speedrunning competition that anyone can participate in. Compete with the entire world in order to be the best MineRalph player and win a 1000 $ cash prize for your efforts!

rules are simple:

  1. Buy and play MineRalph
  2. Beat the game & improve your highscore
  3. Get to #1 on the ingame highscore list
  4. Record your run & submit it on youtube/twitch/any other video site
  5. Stay there until the 1st of September

The winner will be found and contacted on the 1st of September, where we lock the highscore placements.

For further information and details, visit

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About Chop Chop Games:
Chop Chop Games was founded in 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark by Dario Rahimic & Michael Kruse right after they finished university. We are releasing our first game: MineRalph - a 2D Physics platformer on August 5th. Our mission statement is: "To take risks and create interesting experiences that explore the limits of genres". And we aim to do just that, with MineRalph!